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Xeelee: Vengeance By Stephen Baxter – Book Review


This is a book review of Xeelee: Vengeance by Stephen Baxter.

I enjoy Stephen’s books and have been a fan for many years. If I see a book written by Stephen that I wasn’t aware of, I will take interest. I borrowed this book from my library recently, but I don’t recommend this book unless you’ve read the author’s previous books about the Xeelee and Michael Poole. Without those books, I would have surely walked away, but having read the previous books. I found this book a great read.

The Xeelee travel through time to change human history, and appear at a moment pivotal to Michael’s wormhole projects. The book explores the reaction of humanity as the story unfolds, and closely follows Michael’s actions. Along the way, some characters in the story will be familiar to those who have read previous Michael Poole books, but Stephen really does make changes. I found the pace slightly slower than I would have preferred, but then this book also added a great twist to the Michael Poole stories that have proceeded.

I borrowed this book from my local library in hardback form. I prefer to read on my Kindle or paperback, but I didn’t mind this hardback book, which I didn’t find too heavy. The book I borrowed was first published in 2017 and it’s great that the writer is still revisiting the Poole – Xeelee universe.


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