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Book Review: X Platoon – Steve Heaney MC with Damien Lewis


This is a book review of X Platoon by Steve Heaney MC with Damien Lewis.

I had stumbled upon a Damien Lewis military book in a charity shop earlier this year, and enjoyed his book. So when I saw this book recently in my local library with Damien’s involvement, I decided to borrow the book.

This book is more than a book about Steve’s time in X Platoon, a British military unit. It’s a glimpse into recent history, demonstrating the courage, commitment and lengths the Pathfinder platoon and others in the British military will go to, whilst fulfilling their demanding roles.

Steve tells us about his time from a youngster signing up to the Paras, and then his journey to becoming a Pathfinder, a member of an elite unit with members from across the British armed forces. The Pathfinder platoon selection process is incredible and exhausting, and it was interesting to read about the reconnaissance and interrogation Steve took part in during the selection.

During the book he informs us about team exercises, but also being able to work on your own, without someone’s support. He takes us abroad to the Jungle, the Balkans and other locations, and he goes into impressive detail, including training and covering military action. It was tough at times reading about what Steve saw in Kosovo.

Steve Heaney’s ability to adapt, learn, endure and lead is impressive. The book I borrowed was first published in 2015. It was an interesting read.


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