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Book Review: Time Riders ‘The Eternal War’ – Alex Scarrow


The Eternal War is part of the ‘Time Riders’ time travel series by Alex Scarrow. I had enjoyed the previous books, but I must admit when it came time to read this instalment, I felt it was make or break time for me and the series.

This time travel series is aimed at the teen market, which I’m not part of, but I do enjoy time travel books, so decided to read the time rider books, which cover three teenagers and their support team, policing history so to speak against those who seek to alter the time line. Okay it isn’t quite as clear cut as that, but you get the picture. I’m not going to go further and try and do a recap of what preceded this book, sorry. I guess this review is for those already on their ‘time rider’ journey.

By this instalment I was disappointed…fed up…. with the character Sal. Well that all turned around in this book! The author threw a curve ball and whilst I don’t wish to give spoilers away, the development and depth of Sal that rolled out as the book went along, was welcomed.

Also what a storyline in this book! In my humble opinion the best yet. It covers an American Civil War that never ended, and a young Abraham Lincoln displaced from his native time period.

Writing about a time travel and the civil war? Naturally I can’t help but mention Harry Turtledove! I’m sure many a Harry Turtledove fan would enjoy this book, but in reality writing about the two topics combined is where the similarity ends, Alex firmly makes his own mark whilst continuing his Time Riders series.

The pace of the book was intense and didn’t slow down, indeed there were quite a few developments that I didn’t expect, especially one in particular close to the end. One of the many carrots dangling that is willing me on to read the next book in the series.

As a side note there were topics and issues that occurred, that people are looking at right now in the real world, such as how we view genetics and artificial intelligence.

If you’ve not read the books that preceded this book, I recommend you do so first, then this book will be more rewarding to read.



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