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Book Review: Time Riders – Day of the Predator by Alex Scarrow


Aimed at the younger reader I was weary of reading this book, seeing as a) I’m no longer a young reader. b) It is about a time traveling team made up of children.

So with trepidation I opened this book and soon was absorbed into a new found addiction, the Time Riders series. The writing style flows, the topic and characters treated with maturity and the storyline kept me entertained from beginning to end.

I’m not here to question how realistic the situations are or the decisions the young teenagers or artificial intelligence characters make. After all it is fiction and fast paced at that. Indeed it is different from my usual sci-fi reads, which is quite refreshing.

Now I’ve started with the second installment of the series (silly me), but it stands on its own two feet, even though undoubtedly reading the first book would of helped and enriched my enjoyment of this book. That said you quickly come up to speed and are filled in on the characters and some background story. So probably worth reading that book first, so to remain spoiler free.

So three teenagers who were supposed to die in different eras are part of a time travel team, aided by a couple of AI’s. A time travel police of sorts, out to stop history being altered and to set it on the correct course if so. This obviously presents the author with the opportunity to visit different times and locations. In this book expect New York and San Francisco of the past, plus a situation that strands some people overs sixty-five million years ago.

This is a book about the primary characters and relationships though, not time or locations. Bare with me on that statement until you hear me out. No matter what the time period or problem, it is the team dynamics that underpin this story. How as individuals they adapt, mature, interact and cope with pressure.

The locations, time periods and many of the supporting characters could of been different and a similar story written. That said I enjoyed the places and eras the author took me to, they were interesting.

Recommended for anyone who enjoys time travel adventures.


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  1. Alex Scarrow

    21st December 2010 6:42 pm

    Hi Andrew, just a quick note to say thanks for giving TimeRiders a try and for bothering to post a review!

    Worth giving the first book ago….even if you’re doing it in the wrong order, as this is going to be a nine book series with a tale the spins itself out across all nine books. Which means…there are subtle plot points and clues to the climax at the end, in book one that you really wouldn’t want to miss!

    All the best

    Alex Scarrow

  2. Andrew

    21st December 2010 6:59 pm

    Hi Alex,

    Blimey guv! Cheers for dropping by and leaving a response, much appreciated.

    Great to hear it is a nine book series, plus info about the plot and clues. 🙂 The second book had a great twist at the ending.

    Will definitely be reading the first book and keep a look out for the rest of the series.

    All the best



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