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Book Review: Deep Time – Ian Douglas


This is a book review of Deep Time by Ian Douglas.

Ian wrote a sci-fi series of books called Warstrider, which was a favourite of my mine many years ago, so I immediately borrowed this book from a local library upon seeing it. However, I shouldn’t have borrowed the book, as it is book six in a series, and I hadn’t read the previous instalments! Undoubtedly the reading experience would have been better if I had just started with book one.

That being said, Ian is an excellent writer, and almost immediately I found myself wondering about the outcomes of various military and political situations. The story covered humanity struggling with internal divisions, changes in society and trying to deal with pushy aliens who want to control humanity. The book focused on a small group of characters, being led by a president and a military leader, but there is also an AI, aliens and other characters, such as pilots in starships. What I found most interested were the aliens, their ways of interacting and part of the story.

The title ‘Deep Time’ isn’t misleading, and whilst time travel of a sort occurs, it shouldn’t be viewed as a time travel romp or read for that aspect as you will probably be disappointed. If you enjoy space battles and reading about life onboard starships and alien culture, this book series might be of interest to you.

I should have resisted and started at book one, and then possibly read books all the books before book six!


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